Gunfire Erupts Throughout Trenton, Striking Three Individuals

Trenton : Multiple reports of shots fired came in throughout the city just after 12 a.m. Sunday. One man was shot in an unknown location in the unit block of Moreland Avenue. Another man was shot in the abdomen in the 100 block of Federal Street.

Police also responding to the unit block of Sanhican Avenue for a vehicle possibly struck by gunfire.

Another incident also occurred on the 100 block of Barrack Street involving a person assaulted, unknown extent of injuries.

Trenton Police along with Mercer County Shooting Response Team are investigating the shootings.

UPDATE 2 a.m.: Police responding to the 100 block of Perry Street for a female shot in the abdomen.

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  1. I’m thankful I can read about it without flinching at implied comments.
    Please Peterson, don’t stop being a news report.
    I’ve been noticing you for a while

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