Trenton Police street crimes Detectives to change uniforms and wear body cameras

TRENTON NJ: Trenton city councilman at large jerell blakeley posted to Facebook after a budget meeting with Trenton Police director Coley. “At the Trenton Police department budget hearing with Director Sheila Coley. Good news: The Trenton police tactical unit will not be wearing green and they will all wear body cams. “

Residents could see the change within the next 60 days to 90 days. Blakeley stated “This has been a priority of mine for some time due to the concerns of many constituents “


  • I’m assuming this in an effort to make the TPD not look like the military, correct?

  • Not One Black Officer, Policing a Black Community, ALL OUTSIDERS !! i kNOW THERE ARE SOME BLACK MEN WHO ARE FROM THE COMMUNITY WHO HAVE CLEAN RECORDS,And who is encouraging Young Black Men to keep their records clean in the Schools & in the Community?

  • Not one afro American

  • The green suit officers use illegal tactics to make arrest. They also violate people’s 4th amendment right which is the right to say no to a warrant less search…they violate that right by searching you even after you have said no to there search request.

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