HAMILTON: A student at Albert E Grice Middle School in Hamilton Township, Mercer County has tested positive for mumps, according to a school district letter sent home to parents on Wednesday.

State health department officials say this is the second case of mumps reported this year, however officials report only one case has been reported in Hamilton Township so far.

The school did not identify the student or if any other students are currently being monitored for symptoms of mumps.

The school district is reminding students and parents that there are other preventive measures to protect yourself other than the mumps vaccine. Those measures include proper hand washing techniques, not sharing eating utensils, and cleaning areas with soap and water or cleaning wipes.

The school district says they have followed all cleaning protocols to address the issue at this time.

Letter sent home to parents and guardians of students at Grice Middle School.

To learn more about mumps, you can visit https://www.cdc.gov/mumps/index.html