Trenton police Officer Luis E Cosme retried on Monday March 4th 2020. Cosme began his career in the law enforcement field as a Police Explorer from 1988 to 1994 when He graduated high school

. During this time, Cosme’s mother was a deputy court administrator and police officers had to come to the house when they needed a complaint signed.

One night while a patrol unit was at the house, they got called to a priority job and they ran out of the house, jumped into their patrol car, turned on the lights and sirens and screeched tires down the street

. Cosme was hooked. As a young kid seeing police officers coming to the house, it became his obsession.

At 19 years old Cosme began working at Trenton Municipal Court and then the Mercer County Prosecutors Office before pursuing his dream. Cosme began his career in 2003 and proudly worked 17 years serving the citizens of Trenton. LUIS COSME retire with over 25 years of public service.

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