Trenton Police issued a statement Friday afternoon.

Due to the evolving situation concerning the Covid-19, The Trenton Police department is taking the following protective measures to help safeguard the health and welfare of the public,our Police officers and staff. In order to continue to provide the best public safety service possible we are asking the following:

1. Whenever possible utilize the telephone by calling the Non-Emergency at 609-989-4000

2. If you have to come to Police headquarters officers will great you from behind a glass window and will conduct business from behind same.If there is paperwork that needs to be exchanged , it will be through the slot in the window. This will include all records Bureau request and necessary release paperwork for towed vehicles .

3. If you have had a fever or any other associated symptoms of Covid-19, PLEASE DO NOT COME to the Trenton Police department headquarters UNLESS IT IS A EMERGENCY!, officials are strongly encouraging the use of the telephone call reporting if at all possible.

4. Beginning March 16th 2020 The Trenton Police department is suspending all fingerprinting for the next 30 days except for mandatory fingerprints following an arrest.

5. Also beginning on March 16th 2020 for the next 30 days TPD will not host tours or conducting community meetings at Trenton Police headquarters or any other Police buildings including the East/west district buildings. Additionally ,Police will be limiting there frequency of attending non-emergent events more so the Trenton Police citizens Academy, will be temporarily suspended during this time of health concern.

6. Although greatly appreciated , we respectfully request that you do not come to Trenton Police headquarters for this 30 day period to visit us for well -wishing or any other gesture of Kindness.

Trenton Police Director Sheilah A. Coley wants to reassure everyone that the Trenton Police Department will still provide the community with the very best and professional services while they are taking these measures to protect the public,officers and staff. The decision to institute these measures was not taken lightly and the Trenton Police Department is committed to continue to answer any and all emergent calls for service with the same high level of professionalism and courtesy as we always have. Although instituting these precautionary measures may seem unfriendly and unwelcoming to some , we are here to serve all and must take these measures to ensure that we can continue provide emergency services and respond to the public when needed.Thank you for your understanding and consideration for it is greatly appreciated .

Editor in Chief of Peterson’s Breaking News of Trenton, founded in 2012.