TRENTON: Keith Elmer has been employed with the Trenton Emergency Medical Services since June of 2001 after being a Part timer. Elmer then rose throughout the ranks of full time EMT and riding all the Ambulances, North-South- City, then becoming a captain. He eventually became a chief of 11 years. Elmer was also in charge of the EMS education department for Trenton EMS. Elmer says, “It’s been quite a wild ride over the years working in Trenton seeing different people, different faces, and different stations.” Elmer also quotes that, “being featured on A&E’s Live Rescue was a highlight of his career.”

Elmer will continue to serve the residents of Mercer County as a paramedic for Capital Health systems, as he’s been doing since 2008 after getting certified. We also talked to Elmer on how his employees were holding up during this pandemic and he states, “it’s honestly changed the way of life. It’s definitely changed the way they do their jobs, constantly wearing more personal protection equipment then they are normally used to wearing, as well as the constant sanitizing and cleaning of the ambulances.” Elmer praised his team for being out there on the front lines answering the call and taking people to the hospital. Chief Elmer’s last day at Trenton EMS was Friday, April 24 2020 where he served a total of 19 years.

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