Bill KearneyIn a spiraling back and forth Facebook conversation in the group that many have come to call “Controversial,” Trenton Orbit has gone full circle insulting group members, making what appears to be racially offensive remarks as well as homophobic comments regarding Trenton’s current Mayor, Reed Gusciora.  Further, the group has also attacked Peterson’s Breaking News while constantly sharing our media stories, photos, etc to their group, referring to Peterson as “Reederson,” attacking the fact that at times, there are grammatical errors or misspellings in narratives that are written mostly in haste to get the breaking news to the viewers.  “For the record, I, Thomas Peterson, have never done anything to anyone in that group and no I’m not perfect, but I have worked hard to build my brand and it’s a shame that people would try and berate me because of who I am.”

In a recent post made in the group by Administrator Mike Ranallo regarding the recent stabbing that took place at Camden and West Hanover Street, administrator, Bill Kearney stated in the group, ” somebody cut a bitch.”  When asked by group member Prince Jonathan, “Now Bill, can you please explain to me what you meant by that? I didn’t know you spoke that way…” Bill responded, “I’m a polyglot”  (a person who reads, writes and speaks other languages).  When asked by our reporter Crystal Feliciano “if that’s the case, whose language is that?”  Bill became enraged and muted Crystal from commenting or posting in the group for 30 days accusing her of promoting breaking news in their group when the facts are quite the opposite.  Prior to Bill Kearney being blocked from our page, him and Mike Ranallo were sharing our material to their group often.

When other group members came forward speaking out against the actions of the administrators, their comments were removed and the threads were silenced.  Luckily, here at Peterson’s, we have all of the commentary documented.  Group member Nickey Enders posted, “I guess they want us to stay in our place.  Black people don’t ask questions on here, you’ll be silent!”  Group member Gary Lawery stated, “I thought this group was for open discourse about the city.  Recently, this has been a melting pot for blatant racism and ignorance.  Crystal was muted for a month for what?  Jane can empathize with racists, and condemn Marge (Councilwoman Caldwell Wilson) for condemning racism and she’s free to do whatever.”  Further, Maddy Biache in a separate post wrote, “I’ve gotta say, I’m disappointed.  I have lived in the Trenton area my whole life, and I joined this page to get more connected with the community and get more involved, especially in the wake of a national tragedy.  Instead, I found a page that perpetuates harmful narratives, criticizes public officials for using their platform to promote the rights of all their constituents, and circulates inaccurate and polarized content that further divides the community at the direct expense of its residents.  This is a shame, and I am heartbroken to learn that this going on in the city I call home.”

The fact of the matter is, the question was never answered by the administrator regarding what group of people he was referring to when he made his statement mocking the stabbing of a member of the Trenton community.  Harm to any person regardless of color or ethnic descent is no laughing matter.  Instead of offering an answer, Bill Kearney simply responded, “Nobody cares about the stabbing or the shootings.  They are more upset by the use of common slang.  Can we stop the hipocracy?”  Once again, the question remains open, who is “they” that use “common slang” to mock the injury of another person?

Besides local residents leaving the group, Councilman Jerell Blakeley, Councilwoman Robin Vaughn, a once loved member of the group also left, along with countless others due to their lack of tolerance for the negative, offensive and disrespectful rantings of the group’s administrators along with several members.  The administrators of the group recently tried to attack future Mayoral Candidate Darren “Freedom” Green questioning the legitimacy of his actions as a potential candidate.

Regarding the back and forth issue of today, Mr. Green stated, “I know the moderators here and I have confidence they will be just in their actions.”  It is interesting that they  do not think the same about the hopeful candidate nor do they respect humanity.

While we understand people have the right to freedom of speech, they should also be respectful of how they express it, some things just can’t be overlooked nor should they be.  Several people even expressed, “They are trying to recreate The Irresponsible Blogger but Jim was a bit more responsible.”  


Thomas Peterson is the Editor in Chief and founder of Peterson’s Breaking News of Trenton. Thomas founded PBT in 2012.