Hamilton Police are currently investigating several cases where criminals are taking mail from United States Postal Service’s blue mailboxes to look for checks, gift cards, and cash. The police are recommending that you utilize a postal facility or give your mail directly to your mail carrier, particularly if your mail contains anything of value. The Police Division says if you choose to use a public mailbox, you should do so before the posted collection time do your mail is not waiting overnight or during the weekend.

Hamilton Police state criminals are able to alter stolen checks, and use them to defraud the victim of money from their bank accounts. Residents, who deposit checks into the mail, should make sure they have been received by the intended party. They also recommend that you use “security pens,” which are designed with an ink to prevent the alteration of your checks.

If you notice a USPS blue mailbox has been tampered with or notice any suspicious activity, you should call the Hamilton Police Department at 609-581-4000.