Christopher Columbus statue at Columbus Park defaced

The City of Trenton spent Wednesday morning attempting to wash off spray paint off the statue of Christopher Columbus that was defaced sometime overnight Wednesday. A call was made to the city of Trenton, we are awaiting a call back for comment.

5 thoughts on “Christopher Columbus statue at Columbus Park defaced

  1. I grew up in South Trenton . I remember when this statue was placed in the park . It has always represented a part of my Italian Heritage . I agree with your idea of moving this out of the park because no one is there anymore to care about it ..thank you for this article

  2. Good riddance! Christopher Columbus came and discovered another man’s land, claimed it for himself and then proceeded with mass genocide of an entire people. Now that people, is the history that minorities and indigenous people have to stare down every time we’re presented with the sugar coated history of this country.

  3. Fuck that statue n him .he was a thief a rapist a kidnapper you don’t know that or yall didn’t care bout that he was not the first one to find this new land cuz Indians were here first he stole this land they can burn that statue all it does represent the slavery from back then

  4. read the 48 Laws of Power before you disrespect this Legendary, historical, pioneering, alchemist. Also learn actually history…not the bs in your high school text book.

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