Janice and Dave

After slightly over 4 hours of waiting, the verdict was finally given and East Windsor Mayor, Janice Mironov will remain in her position as she takes the Mercer County Chair position over Ewing Councilman David Schroth 261 votes (Mironov) to 115 votes (Schroth).  It was ruled earlier today by Superior Court Judge Mary C. Jacobson that the election via telephone was okay to proceed as scheduled.

Committee members from various towns, expressed their concerns for the length of time taken for the results to be tallied.  It was stated that somehow people who were not elected committee persons received the link to call in for the vote which caused issues when it was time for the outside company, Election Buddy, to accurately separate and  tally all the votes.

Eventually, the votes were gathered and the results issued after 10pm however, there still remains a bit of skepticism as to the legitimacy and validity of the process by many members.  “Let’s not lose sight of what this is all about and work together so the Republicans don’t win in November,” is what one committee person stated to the group.  Others weren’t focused on November just yet, as they were still questioning what exactly took place tonight.

The remainder of the Executive Body were voted in easily earlier in the meeting because no other position had a dual candidate challenge except that of the County Chair.  In her closing remarks, Chairwoman Mironov expressed her gratitude to the Mercer County Dems for her reelection and stated, “I love you all.”

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