Trenton Police Officer Starkey returns home with warm welcome

HAMILTON TWP ( Mercer) Trenton Police Officer Kevin Starkey was released from Rehabilitation in Philadelphia on Friday, August 28th. Starkey arrived at his Hamilton Township home with a large welcoming of Police-Firefighters-EMTs from all over Mercer County, speechless as he hugged his niece and his colleagues.

Wednesday July 29th around 2 a.m.

An investigation has revealed that Trenton police officers were made aware of a social media posting that showed a group of individuals with guns driving around the west district of the city looking for people to shoot. An alert was broadcast via the radio and at approximately 2:26 a.m., Officers Michael Gettler and Jeffery Pownall came upon a 2003 red Ford Focus four-door sedan. After checking the license plate and confirming it was stolen in Trenton, the officers tried to initiate a traffic stop on Parkside Avenue when the vehicle began to elude them. The officers pursued the vehicle into Ewing Township onto Olden Avenue and then back into Trenton. As the officers pursued the vehicle past the Home Depot on Olden Avenue in Ewing, at least four rounds were fired from the Ford Focus at the patrol vehicle before entering back into the city. The patrol vehicle was struck one time in the top light bar before bouncing off the roof of the patrol vehicle. The officers continued their pursuit of the Ford Focus back into Trenton and as the vehicle approached the intersection of North Olden and North Clinton avenues, the stolen vehicle struck a responding Trenton police vehicle containing Officers Kevin Starkey and Brian Walker. Both vehicles spun and the stolen vehicle struck a white minivan that was traveling in the opposite direction.
Trenton Police Officers Orlando Santiago and Andy Gomez then approached the stolen vehicle and Officer Santiago slipped in fluids from the crash. He sustained cuts to his elbow as a result. Officer Gomez sustained lacerations to his hand from glass that was broken out. The three suspects were taken into custody without further incident. All injured officers and suspects were transported to Capital Health Regional Medical Center.
One shell casing and two projectiles were recovered by the Home Depot in Ewing. A FN PS90 sub-gun was recovered in the city in the area in front of 664 Olden Avenue. A Glock 26 9mm and an AR-15 pistol were recovered in the backseat of the stolen Ford Focus, and three spent 9mm casings were recovered in the front passenger seat floor board.

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  1. Kevin i know you wont see this now and i know its alot for you to take in but when your able to read and see the comments and support you will know how much your coworkers friends and family appreciate you and are grateful that you are alive. I know you dont remember tbe accident but maybe thats a good thing for now not only are you a hero for surviving this horrible nightmare but your a hero for all the lives you saved that late morning. Your partner is amazing your co workers are amazing Captain is amazing and every person who took time to come see you and gave support are amazing. Now we work on getting you even stronget!!! When asked how you feel about returning to work you are unsure only because you dont know if you can physically do it but mentally the officer you are and the person you are and the oath you took you took you take serious its amazing you are even considering it with your inguries …how can anyone want to defund the police we need them more then anyone and I know that day you came home there was nothing but awesome amazing people there. We love you Kevin and when the day comes you feel good enough to look at all the coverage the pictures the letters and this here story you will know then how much you are appreciated and loved!!! You dont even know or fully understand what you did that night but I hope one day you will. When i said to you Kevin your a hero you said ‘ oh yeah ok’ when i said Kevin you saved alot of lives that night you said ” oh yeah i guess” your so selfless and thats why you chose the job you did you still dont believe you did anything great!! The look on your wifes face when you came home was priceless she was very proud. You have the world on your side right now. Get better Kevin lets finish this out and the day your better that will be recorded by Petersons news also for everyone to see and that will be the end of this horrific story but for now we leave this book open people are waiting until the end people want to see you finish this out in this book!! Im so glad Michaela will grow up seeing what a strong inspiring Aunt and Uncle she has cause I could never do your job. When your fully recovered maybe we can have a big party and when covid is better so that the people who couldnt be there cause of short notice can be there this time. Maria stay safe please when you go back to work. Love Annette and Michaela

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