City Resident: Yesterday my cousin Carmen lost her eldest son to gun violence on Spring Street. My condolences to my cousin. My heart is broken for you.

As I drove through the City of Trenton I thought how? What do you see? Why aren’t we angry? She lost her baby, her son and IT COULD’VE been YOU or YOURS!! 

Where Is The Outrage?! Are we so accustomed to death happening around us that we can only be  thankful that it wasn’t one of our own? We must demand change! Now! Today!! Where Is The Police Presence? Not after a death! But for deterrence! Where is the Mayor and the Police Director?! We should be holding our City Officials accountable! We need police presence on our city streets; Spring Street! Stuyvesant Avenue! Centre Street! To name a few! When will our Police Director and/or Mayor hold a public conference and tell us what they are doing to make a real difference in the City Of Trenton? What is the plan? So far all we see are headlines of another lost life! I have questions that need answers!! The residents of the City of Trenton should be standing up and demanding change! 

We are losing our babies to the violence! Let’s go City Residents!!! Let’s demand change! Trenton Police Director where are you???? What are you doing for the City of Trenton??? I don’t know about you but I’m knocking on doors!!! The Mayor and The Police Director I’m knocking!!!

Edna E Roman

Editor in Chief of Peterson’s Breaking News of Trenton, founded in 2012.