UPDATE: Two siblings killed in Shooting in East Trenton.

TRENTON ( MERCER) The Mercer County Prosecutors office confirmed that a shooting occurred at approximately 10:30 p.m. in the 200 block of Mulberry Street. suspect(s) shot into the second floor of a residence. Two siblings, an eight-year-old boy and 16-year-old boy, were shot and killed. It is under investigation by the Mercer County Homicide Task Force and the Trenton Police.

14 thoughts on “UPDATE: Two siblings killed in Shooting in East Trenton.

  1. My God, they better find the animal(s) responsible for this. Enough is enough. My heart is breaking for the family. Black Lives Matter, law enforcement in Trenton, get out there and do your jobs.

    1. BLM where is the protest and riots no justice no peace. But you accuse the police of no doing their job. It was less than 12 hr ago, while you sit and type behind your computer screen. Black privilege

    2. ARE YOU SERIOUS? Police do your jobs?? HOW ABOUT PARENTS DOING THEIR JOBS? WTF is an 8 year old doing out at 10:30 PM? Im sure it wasn’t the lily white boys in the hood out there shooting them up with your BLS BS. BTW Where is BLM and all the $$$$ – they don’t give a sh!t about the boys in the hood.

      1. They were actually inside of their home where I’m sure they felt safe… this is really tragic.

      2. these children were in there home not outside in the hood this is a tragedy very very sad please lets get the facts before talking nonsense

  2. U know when a person hate blk ppl when they make a statement like this who ever killed them will face charges n will get convicted most of the cops never get charged let alone go to jail for killing our ppl so yeah Black lives still matter 😒 😡🤬🖕

    1. Wow – I feel stupider for even reading this. You think it was a white person killing them kids? I bet $1000 it wasn’t. And those cops who risk their lives to go into that sh!thole that Trenton has become deserve alot more money cuz you couldn’t pay me to go thru that crime ridden slum during the day, let alone at night and it ain’t cuz white people ruined it.

  3. I can barely breathe Why !!!!!! These innocent babies I haven’t even read the whole story ! I pray they find the person or animal that did this My prayers are to the families and loved ones🙏🏻❤️I don’t wish harm on anyone but the ones responsible for this I pray someone steps up because someone knows something! All these little gangster wannabes killing innocent Children and people for what ??? Money drugs or kicks it has to stop these children will never grow up and their families are Beyond grief and anger Trenton needs help they need it now. Stop all the division I don’t care what your skin color is never did everyone is equal especially when it comes to our babies children are being shot everyday by someone using an illegal gun like I said someone knows something make that call you don’t have to leave your name just point them in the right direction stand together as a community stop looking the other way ! I’m so angry 2 children in one family there has to be justice!! 🙏🏻The police can do there job much better if people open there mouths this could happen to anyone Remember that and when you hug your children at night and say I love you and Sweetdreams hug them extra tight let them know how much you love them I can’t stop crying this family is going to need help lots of help God Bless

  4. It saddens me deeply to hear this very tragic news. Not to long ago it was safe to walk around/ drive around Treton any day, any night. I know because I used to do it. Brothers this senseless killing, shooting must stop. Please

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