By Peterson Breaking News Team

1/15/2021 Trenton NJ: Trenton Fire department was dispatched to Commonwealth Ave Resident

6 fire trucks respond to a all hands fire on Commonwealth Ave. blocking the entire intersection from the public. Firefighters arrived on scene shortly after 1pm got control of the blaze within the hour.

Battalion Chief Michael Welsh explained that the fire was originally set at 1 alarm fire before being categorized as an “all hands on deck fire” requiring multiple trucks.

1/15/2021 Trenton NJ: The Trenton Fire Department investigates the cause of the fire.

“When there is a report of smoke shelling, or obviously fire, we upgrade the assignment,” Said Battalion Cheif Weltsh which gives us an extra engine and an extra ladder to report to the scene. So when engine seven arrived on scene, they said he had smoke shell and division two and three. So it was upgraded to an all hands and that brought the additional engine and water to the scene.”

The fire department reported no injuries during the event. The scene has since been cleared.

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