Woman Blocks NJ Transit Bus while Ems respond to unresponsive child

Trenton, NJ ( Mercer) Tuesday evening a Woman in a motorized wheelchair blocked a NJ transit bus 613 from continuing on its route down Martin Luther King Blvd and Southard street . While the woman blocked the bus a Medical call went out in the area for a unresponsive child that caused Ems and Police to fly passed the woman. When Police arrived the woman told Trenton Police officers “ Write me a ticket for obstructing traffic and this can be over” The condition of the child that CPR was being performed on is unknown and also why the woman blocked the NJ Transit bus, police officers cited the woman and she rolled on her way.

Longtime Dedicated 911 Dispatcher to Mercer County Dies At Home

MERCER COUNTY, N.J. (PBN)  Many first responders took to Facebook to express the loss and sadness after learning of the passing of Heather Varrassee 42 of Hopewell a long time Mercer County Central 911 supervisor. Heather Varrassee passed away at her home on Sunday December 4th . Heather has been a member of emergency services

Notorious Championship Bar Set To Close This Month

TRENTON, N.J. (PBN) The notorious Championship bar announced on its Facebook page on December 2nd that the bar is set to close on December 11th after 72 wonderful years said in a posted photo. The bar is known for its heavy metal venue and large crowds, unfortunately, it all has not been wonderful around the

Police Investigating Riverside Ave Shooting

TRENTON , N.J. (PBN) Trenton Police are investigating a shooting in the 900 block of Riverside Ave Thursday night near South Gouverneur Ave. Police recovered multiple shell casings, residents reported hearing multiple gunshots no victim was located.

3 thoughts on “Woman Blocks NJ Transit Bus while Ems respond to unresponsive child

  1. The women that blocked the bus did that cause the driver always refuses to stop the bus to let her on. New Jersey transit needs to deal with their drivers that dont want to stop for the disabled.

  2. Oh. Wait. Njt needs to do something with her. She spit kicked punch and a lot of other things to the drivers and passengers. She needs to be ban from getting on njt

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