Police Stand-off end safely in Trenton

Trenton, NJ (MERCER) Trenton Police responded to a call on the 600 block of North Olden Ave Between St Jose Ave for a dispute just after 11:00 Pm. Trenton Police Detective Sergeant Cynthia Hargis stated, officers arrived on the scene to investigate, and allegedly the victim ran outside and informed Trenton officers that the suspect had a gun. Trenton Police SWAT Team was activated to negotiate with the suspect. The stand-off came to an end just before 2:00 Am with no one injured. Trenton’s Emergency medical service transported the male to the hospital for further evaluation.

One thought on “Police Stand-off end safely in Trenton

  1. 600 New York Ave is between North Olden Ave and Spruce St. In many of your reports you use the term “between” but only state one street. In order for an address or location to be “between” you must state what it is “between”. For example, 1500 Prospect St is ‘between’ N Olden Ave and Madison Ave. Another confusing non standard term you use in your reporting is “unit block”. The most wildly used and understood term is ‘first block’.

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