Tash Jasmine: At 14 years old, I ran these streets. I was kicked out of school; I would leave my moms house at 2 am
while she worked to cross a dark alleyway to be on Hoffman, it would be these very streets that I would get jumped at, that people I knew would be murdered, that people I love would have to sell dope because they had to find a way to eat. It’s the same hood that I love that will always be a part of my story. Today. I BRING HOPE! Today, I bring my 16-year-old, who I had at 14 years old, back to these same streets and let her know that HOOD GIRLS can get DEGREEs. In these streets that I learned, I was pregnant with her, and she changed the trajectory of my life. Today I am committed to saving these same streets by becoming a #trapthearpist. I have committed myself to advocate and promote mental health in urban communities. I have committed myself to create tools for all who live in an urban context and fighting through survival. I am you, TRENTON; I am here to serve you, and TODAY, I introduce to you all my new business, NEVER HOPELESS AGAIN LLC, a life coaching company for those experiencing urban trauma, rejection, abandonment, and neglect. I’m not A licensed therapist yet, but I can create a safe environment for all who have been affected by the trauma of the hood ??????.

ALWAYS A HOFFMAN GIRL. 801st always in my HEART!!??
Today I walk this stage for all the young ones living in a urban community fighting for their life!

??William Paterson University??

Thomas Peterson is the Editor in Chief and founder of Peterson’s Breaking News of Trenton. Thomas founded PBT in 2012.