Shooting leaves multiple injured after crash in route to hospital

Trenton , NJ (Mercer) A wild start to a Wednesday morning after a shooting broke out at the intersection of Southard Street and New Willow Street that left one person shot around 10:00 Am. The injured person was being driven by a female to Capital Health trauma center and collided with another car at the intersection of Brunswick Ave and Heil Ave that injured one driver. Trenton central high school was also placed on a Shelter in place Wednesday morning after a shooting threat was made towards the school. The Mercer County shooting response team and the Trenton Police department continue to investigate the shooting. Police tackled the female that was driving the injured man to the hospital as seen on a video via Facebook after she was pulled from the overturned turned van. No other arrests have been made unknown the current condition of the man that was shot. Trenton Police have not returned a call back for comment.


  • That officer should be held accountable if that accident victim has serious injuries

  • Sickening!!!!! Out of all of them nobody could grab her by the arm??? Just can’t do their job without being nasty. Straight up undercover abusers. Smh

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