Pedestrian fatally struck in Hamilton township

Hamilton, NJ (Mercer) Hamilton Police are investigating a fatal crash involving a pedestrian on Nottingham way between Klocker Road near the Red white & blue. Capital Health paramedics pronounced the individual deceased on scene Friday night.

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17 thoughts on “Pedestrian fatally struck in Hamilton township

  1. Something needs to be done in this area. Last year on Halloween my mom was struck and killed. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE

    1. I live in the area, I’m sorry for your loss. They really need to put a traffic light by wegner and Madison Avenue.

      1. This man was a pedophile and sexually abused me when I was 5-12 years old. My whole life I have wished him dead…since there was never any justice. This is not justice… But I no longer have to worry if he has ruined the lives of other young girls. I once called him dad ..he was a step dad to me for years even after the abuse stopped. He was an alcoholic and a very sick individual. I hope everything he has ever done he is paying for now in Hell.

  2. Amanda Stein. Do you know the person who was killed. It doesn’t even mention the persons name. To blast some kind of personal information. On social media like this is kinda harsh. If it’s true then you should of taken care of it when it first happened not after the person lost there life. In a accident that wasn’t there fault.

    1. Cheryl, She states it was her step father..I would think she knows who he was . As for you to correct her in grieving, You probably could have held your comments.

      1. Please read what I put you on the bottom comments… Thx.. This man can’t defend himself so maybe what I had to say can make a little difference…

    2. Yes, I know it doesn’t mention a name. We were notified. I know exactly who it is. I also think it’s harsh to ruin molest a 5 year old? And yeah, your right I should have handled this when I was 5. It’s people like you that victim shame that are the problem in the world. The reason why most victims don’t bring this kind of evil to light. This is real life. This is what happens and happens more than we want to think it does. This is awareness. This is for all the women or girls who live with the burden. I hope this gives you strength.

      1. Hey Sweety… I think what most people would at least expect is if your gonna say the worst possible words you can possibly say about another human being a day after he died in a tragic way I think what most people would appreciate at least is a little proof of something or anything at all a police report maybe, a love letter from him maybe some pictures of some bruises or something but the fact you have nothing at all and the fact that sometimes people are telling the truth but also sometimes people will make this up for attention I think a little proof would’ve been nice… I completely get what your saying that you were confused and scared all these years and all that but you can’t just out of the blue say something so horrible about a man that also had a very good decent giving side to him… I think if someone said this about maybe your sister or your mother a day after they passed away and they have zero proof of anything at all I’m sure you would also be feeling like its a little unfair especially when this guy is deceased and can’t even defend themselves.. Hopefully that makes some sort of sense… N for the record I’m not saying that I don’t believe you but a lot of us know this man extremely well way way way longer than you ever have and he’s shown zero signs of committing anything like that…. G…

    3. Please read what I put you on the bottom comments… Thx.. This man can’t defend himself so maybe what I had to say can make a little difference…

  3. You are obviously ignorant in every possible way. I will not have you try to dance around this subject. I don’t care if you think you need proof. Most women do not say something happened for attention. Again, it opinions like this that are what’s wrong in the world. Monsters rarely look like monsters. How do you think they get away with stuff for so long. I don’t give a damn what your trying to get at. I honestly don’t even care if you think I am being rude or should have did it differently or that he was a decent man. This is the truth and there is nothing to defend by the time I got my life together from picking up the pieces he broke… The statue of limitations were already gone and passed my friend. There was nothing I could do to defend myself at 5 years old. When I came clean at 16 not one adult helped me even after he admitted it. I say this now when he died not to give him the satisfaction of people continuing to think he was a good man. Also, you have all you facts 100% wrong. If that was my mother, my brother, my friend… I would want to hear the truth. How do you expect proof… How would I ever find any proof to what happened. That is such an ignorant statement. Believe what you want. Argue what you want. I don’t care. I said what I said, it’s the truth and I am not sorry. Plus, what the news should have looked into is that he was most likely drunk while riding this bike anyway. That’s who he was. He took to the grave what he did regardless. The truth is the truth…. All of us have to answer before God. Take a look at his Facebook and the number of young girls pictures he posted on top of the naked women right there displayed… None ever questioned a thing. Want to know why??? None likes to look at the truth. You want to argue with me because calling me a liar or saying I hurt someone else feelings, or trying to correct how I should have done something is a hell of a lot easier then facing the truth. That’s on you. I am here to say, I am not afraid of bullies like you and you or no one else will shame me into thinking I should be more warm hearted to the situation. When people will gladly crucify a criminal in other circumstances when it’s convenient for them. I am sure with lack of evidence depending on the circumstances. I guess it just is what it is.

  4. Yeah theres nothing ignorant about nicely askin for a little proof or askin why wait until the guy is hit by a car to say all this and he can’t defend himself.. N yeah my heart goes out to you.. Your a young girl there doesn’t need to be this kind of anger n hate inside you… But I tell you what some people have already taken screenshots of what you had to say and some people will go ahead and get a little legal advice because there is such a thing as defamation of character n the courts can decide. All the best to you Amanda Stein?

  5. I’m not gonna go back-and-forth anymore but I’ll say This to whoever reads this on here that whats a little shady about Amandas story is she takes it above and beyond she’s calling him a drunk n saying he had naked children on his Facebook and I can verify that he never did so it sounds like possibly just possibly this is more of a jaded or revenge type of thing again just possibly not saying it is or not you guys be the judge..

  6. I stand firm in my story. I know what he did to me. I will not go back and forth either. But I will correct you. I do not have anger and hate inside me friend. You don’t even know me. What I said is true and happened years ago. There is no proof and there are no reports. He is gone and yes I am saying something now after all these years. I don’t have to speak will of the dead just because they are dead. Mark made horrible choices. That is the truth. What I said is true. And do me a favor don’t call me sweety. I am not a child. I am a grown women who has overcome a lot. And I am living well. I didn’t get a trial or closure for years. This was my closure saying the truth.

  7. We here at monsters exposed are so proud of the victims who have the courage to stand up even if it takes them until after death.

    This was a pedophile, it’s not a topic you can dance around because someone hasn’t posted “proof”

    The children he abused must feel so much safer right now.

    We are here to protect those children always.

  8. You have come out when this happen God know how many childrens he had abused I can beleive how manys people dont beleive what really happen to you they should be ashamed of themself .i glad you found closured after all this years. God bless you .

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