EWING, NJ: An ongoing fight between two neighbors spawned out of control starting back in March 2021 after a third -floor neighbor got heated after they were asked to take down a bird feeder due to birds and squirrels. Kellie Murphy reported the animals dropped waste.

The husband was alleged to have called Murphy N***r multiple times over the summertime.

Murphy reported to Peterson that she was in her home and saw a woman who was the Neighbor from the floor above on Tuesday. The woman then started to record around her home and started to yell for help after murphy saw the female Neighbor but murphy continued to record the woman until Ewing Police arrived on the scene. While Ewing Police were on scene, Murphy could hear yelling while police talked to the female Neighbor about her actions before PD. Ewing Police attempted to move the Neighbor away from Murphy’s residence but refused.’

At sometime words were exchanged between both parties, and the Neighbor charged at murphy at her window. Murphy did state she did sip as the Neighbor charged her and alleged retaliation.
The Neighbor was arrested on multiple charges and later released.

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