A Statement from Trenton City Council President Kathy McBride Regarding the Trenton Board of Education’s Proposed Tax Levy

Dear Trentonians:

As I’ve stated previously, I will NOT support an additional $24M tax levy on the residents of this city as proposed by the Trenton Board of Education. I have heard from hundreds of home and business owners who are already feeling the immense pressure of rising inflation, and increased costs of goods and services. Imposing an additional tax burden on an overly taxed municipality doesn’t add up.

The Trenton School District was classified by the New Jersey Department of Education as being in District Factor Group “A” the lowest of eight groupings “A” being the lowest and “J” being the highest .

If the Trenton School Board can’t demonstrate any significant student improvement or maintain stability in our special education program, I will stand by my decision against any tax levy for Trenton residents and business owners.

Certain board members would recklessly, and without regard to the residents of this City, push for an additional cost to taxpayers, similar to the 2018 decision to give the incoming superintendent a $62,000 bonus before his first day on the job and without disclosing it to the public!

I am looking forward to discussing the city council’s resolution to move Trenton from a type 1 District; where the mayor gets to appoint the school board members, to a type 2 District where the voters get to elect all nine board members.

Let me reiterate: this proposed tax levy places an undue hardship on the overburdened taxpayers of this city.

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