Calvary Christian Fellowship Ministries Makes Giving Back A Top Priority

Pastor David A. Cox and his wife, First Lady Kesha Cox are no strangers to working with, ministering to and providing for their community. Their church, Calvary Christian Fellowship Ministries, located at 611 Parkway Avenue, is known for its outstanding community service work for its members and for the community.

Weekly, the church hosts a Food Pantry Day on Wednesdays at 206 New Rose Street from 10am-1pm. Recently, they’ve added evening pantries on occasion at the church on Parkway from 6:00-7:00pm to provide for those that work and can’t make the daytime hours; they advise the public in advance when those days will take place.

Today, they held their Annual Community Day and it was amazing. They had lots of food, games, an ice cream truck, bouncy house, pony rides and lots of fun for the community.

The children and their families enjoyed the event immensely, it was a great representation of what “Unity in the Community” truly looks like!

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