Citywide Peace Walk Happening This Saturday, All Are Encouraged to Participate!

The Trenton Restorative Street Team(TRST) is a community-led movement with a vision to reduce violence by restoring justice and promoting peace.

After months of training and preparation and in partnership with city stakeholders, we are excited to announce our official launch to the community. Join us for a City-Wide Peace Walk against violence on Saturday July 16th, 2022, from 11am-5pm at Mill Hill Park in Trenton. (See flier attached)

The Trenton Restorative Street Team will fulfill our vision by offering the following three services to city residents:

Violence Prevention/Intervention Through Restorative Justice:
Our mission is to stop some violence before it starts by using restorative justice practices, conflict resolution, peace circles, and relationship building with key leaders from the block to the boardroom. We will organize anti-violence events and violence prevention programs for Trenton’s youth.

Trauma Informed Victim Services:
Our goal is to provide personalized trauma informed services for those impacted by violence. We will do this by offering grief groups led by Trauma Healing certified leaders who are from the Trenton community. We will also connect city residents to additional services such as counseling and therapy.

Victim Empowerment Services:
Our objective is to leverage the programs, groups, and services we provide to empower victims of violence to move beyond hurt towards hope again. We will do this by offering parenting classes, financial literacy seminars, entrepreneurial empowerment trainings, home ownership workshops, and more.

Our success depends on listening, learning and supporting the Trenton community, and that is precisely what this launch is about. Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you as we walk together for the purpose of stopping violence by restoring justice and promoting peace in our beloved city!

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