Trenton, N.J. (PBN) Trenton Firefighters are battling a 3 alarm fire in the 300 block of Cleveland Ave. Two firefighters were injured one due to a collapse and another for dehydration. Firefighters were reporting heavy fire coming from the home as they battle the fire in the soaring temperatures. The fire was placed under control just before 2Pm

Developing: Possibly a third firefighter was transported to the hospital. Princeton rehab were requested to the scene along with Signal 22 canteen unit.

Added 2:20 Pm: Trenton Ems transporting two additional to the hospital one with paramedics and another with just emts

Trenton Freire placed the fire under control just after 2:30 Pm. 3 firefighters total were transported to the hospital.

Two Trenton firefighters were transported due to debris back injuries. 1 firefighter from Hamilton township fire due to heat exhausted. Multiple firefighters were also being treated for heat exhaustion.

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