EWING, N.J. (PBN) A family is spending their afternoon in a hospital Wednesday after their son was attacked inside of a bathroom at the stem Civics Purplefect Palace High School.
The teenage victim suffered head trauma and facial injuries that left him unconscious inside the bathroom after the attack, security officers found the victim 10- 20 minutes after the attack. Ewing Police did not respond back for a comment regarding the attack.

The Family took to Facebook to express what happed

“STEMCivics So a kid sneaks another student in the bathroom sends him to the hospital bleeding from 1pm-5pm throwing up blood and the other kid gets nothing but a mother fucking suspension are u fucking kidding me meanwhile my sister who is a honor student finally defended herself cuz a fat ass mf was threatening and teasing her and she gets expelled. Stemcivics is a mother fucking joke and wants to paint a picture that there not including the principal and the whole mf building but np they’ll see me tomorrow I’m so sick of this mf building and the fucking staffs is so corrupt!!! I wanna know what explanation they gonna give me !”

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