Family Left Traumatized After Striking Trenton Police Officer With Car

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TRENTON, N.J. (PBN) A Trenton Police Officer was left with minor injuries after being struck by a vehicle traveling down Stuyvesant Ave between Hoffman Ave. The occupants of the vehicle were left traumatized. The Driver of the vehicle Tanijai Hill of Trenton stated, “Thursday at approximately 4:25 pm I was involved in an accident in the 800 block of Stuyvesant Ave. I was driving down Stuyvesant Ave after picking my daughter up from the after-school program. Driving at a speed of approximately 25-30mph. As I approach the intersection of Stuyvesant & Hoffman Ave I was forced to slam on breaks striking a Trenton Police officer. As a Trenton Police officer decided he would swiftly turn around to chase another pedestrian on a dirt bike. Dirt bikes are a problem in the city. Cool granted! Trying to chase them on these dirt bikes is doing more harm than good to city residents. I am traumatized as well as my two children that were in the car ( A’Zaria age 10 & A’Mori age 6). I am still in total disbelief at the series of events that took place yesterday. I am very thankful because it could’ve been worst. The pedestrian operating the dirt bike could’ve easily struck my vehicle with my children in it. The drivers behind me were forced to slam on breaks too. When the officers got to the accident scene, they automatically tended to the officer as if he wasn’t at fault. I was honestly confused! Even though I know myself & my children will never receive the proper apology for the officer’s mistake. Due diligence should definitely be given as I will be seeking compensation for the damages my vehicle sub-stained. I am a hard-working mother of two children so to now have to come out of my pocket to pay a $1000 deductible to my insurance to replace my windshield is beyond absurd to me. I haven’t even had the new car that I worked so hard to purchase for two months yet. Super unfair to me!!! I have never been in any trouble so to literally have my first accident & involve a Police officer is mind-boggling, to say the least.

10 thoughts on “Family Left Traumatized After Striking Trenton Police Officer With Car

    1. “There little feelings” Really? Your a d***!!! Just because an officer was involved that means immediately tend to him or her? What about THE CHILDREN that were involved tf ?!?!? Absolutely nth against the officer , but his “title” doesn’t make the others any less of HUMAN BEINGS to have been attended to first , honestly ! Anyways thank god you and your babies weren’t hurt.

      1. The person on the ground after being hit by a vehicle is ALWAYS going to be tended to first. It’s called common sense. Anyone inside the vehicle is not going to be injured after they hit a human body. It’s called common sense and has nothing to do with his title.

    1. How is she speeding if she’s doing the school speed limits in our city which are (25-30mph)

      1. In case you missed it, the speed limits are 25 in the city. Especially in school zones. There’s not a single school zone in the city of Trenton where the speed limit is 30. That’s how she’s speeding. Another way she’s in the wrong is by blaming the officer instead of the idiot on the bike. And just fyi…….you must maintain control of your vehicle AT ALL TIMES. That’s the law in NJ and every other state. As for her windshield……tell her to call the little piece of trash on the bike she’s defending. She wants to defend the criminals. She can go to them in her time of need rather than us taxpayers. We don’t give a damn about her needs.

  1. Get your damage costs from the ILLEGAL bike riders!
    Yes, dirt bikes are cool but they have to be street legal, registered, insured and operated by a properly licensed operators, no excuses!!!
    Signed: A law abiding taxpayer.

  2. Traumatized from a FENDER BENDER? Buckle up SNOWFLAKE and grow a thicker skin and teach your kids that LIFE is tough and that things happen and quit wining about the trivial things in life and thank God that you and your children were not injured and that the the police offer only had minor injuries. 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸

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