1 Dead, 1 Seriously Injured After Motorcycle Collides With Parked Car

TRENTON, N.J. (PBN) The Trenton Police are investigating a motorcycle accident involving three vehicles on Martin Luther King Blvd between Cavell St on Saturday morning shortly after 10:00 AM. One of the motorcycles crashed into a stationary car, causing the male rider to become trapped between the vehicle and the motorcycle. Trenton Ems had to extract him. The motorcyclist was rushed to the Capital Health Trauma Center by Trenton emergency medical services in extreme critical condition where he later died from his injuries. The second motorcyclist was also taken to the hospital with serious injuries and remains hospitalized.

2 thoughts on “1 Dead, 1 Seriously Injured After Motorcycle Collides With Parked Car

  1. That sucks and hope the person recovers, but how about you deal with the aggressive driving of motorcycles and the ILLEGAL dirt bikes that I see speeding, as aggressive driving with no helmets on. I am a Uber driver and I see it non stop

    1. Your comment is ignorant and bias .having an illegal bike. Whatever that is. Most accident are do to bad decision making or the carelessness of other or mechanical or poor maintenance such as bald tires. Weather conditions etc or over aggressive drivers and over cautious or inexperience drivers or distracted. And this wild packs of of stunt riders are actually more experience than your average driver , but they should keep their stunt riding off the common roads. But these guys in this acciendent were not riding stunt bikes. They were riding nice mature type of bikes. Things happen and only the driver knows what caused him to lose control. It could of been a blackout heart attack fainting or stroke or a pothole which caused him to lose control. Wake up you

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