Quick Actions by Officers and Good Samaritan Prevent Tragedy on Woodland Street

Trenton, NJ ( PBN)-At approximately 10:21 a.m. on Wednesday, June 5, 2024, Trenton Police Officers Andy Gomez and Sean Bell were notified by a good Samaritan about a house fire on a nearby street. The officers were inside a residence on an unrelated assignment and immediately ran to 501 Woodland Street, where they observed smoke billowing from the rear of the rowhome.

Upon arrival, the officers found the rear of the house engulfed in flames. They promptly alerted the resident and entered the house to evacuate another occupant who was unaware of the fire. Officer Bell jumped a fence to alert a resident in an attached home, who was in the shower and unaware of the danger. Neighbors later reported that they were alerted to the fire by the officers’ yelling and pounding on doors.

The officers ensured the safety of the occupants, their immediate neighbors, and pets while also moving observers away from nearby power lines and assisting with traffic control. The fire escalated to three alarms and was brought under control by the Trenton Fire Department approximately an hour and a half later. Thankfully, no residents were injured.

The Trenton Police Department would like to extend gratitude to the vigilant citizen who quickly located help and notified the officers, as well as assisting in alerting residents. This individual’s prompt actions likely saved lives. The department also commends Officer Andy Gomez and Officer Sean Bell for their bravery in entering and evacuating the homes, alerting neighboring residents, and ensuring the safety of all those in the area.

Thomas Peterson is the Editor in Chief and founder of Peterson’s Breaking News of Trenton. Thomas founded PBT in 2012.