DEVELOPING: Just before 2Pm Wednesday afternoon a Nj state trooper was conducting a traffic stop when the driver allegedly shot at the trooper. Trenton fire department was dispatched to Parkside Ave and West state street on a motor vehicle crash rollover.

State troopers and multiple other officers continued traveling down Parkside Ave. To Mellon street and Oakland where they had one of the suspects surrounded and placed him into custody after a standoff. The state trooper involved in the shooting was not hurt.

A New Jersey state trooper that works on the Task force unit was shot at during a car chase Wednesday afternoon Around 2 P.M. The chase began on West State street and Parkside Ave where there was a vehicle that was also involved in a motor vehicle accident. The Chase ending on Oakland Street and Mellon Street, where the suspect was inside of a apartment for a brief time before being taken into custody. No one was wounded in the shooting.

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