Thomas Peterson is the founder and lead reporter of Peterson’s Breaking News of Trenton, a news outlet known for its comprehensive coverage of breaking news events in Trenton, New Jersey, and Mercer County. Thomas started his journalism career at a young age, covering various incidents such as shootings, stabbings, fires, and other breaking news stories in the capital city.
Before establishing Peterson’s Breaking News of Trenton, Thomas worked alongside a press photographer. He began his journalism journey by covering breaking news events on a bicycle, showcasing his dedication and passion for reporting from an early age. This experience laid the foundation for his later work in establishing and growing Peterson’s Breaking News of Trenton.
Thomas’s diverse background in journalism and public safety has equipped him with a unique perspective and skill set, making him a respected figure in the Trenton community. His commitment to reporting breaking news and providing valuable information to residents has contributed to the success and growth of Peterson’s Breaking News of Trenton as a trusted source of news and updates in the region.