If you have ever broken a bone and went to Champion Orthopedics, you most likely would have come into contact with smiling star Nyshera Peterson at the front desk or in the exam room because she certainly did it all. Nyshera was really passionate about her position at Champion Orthopedics and if it was snowing or any type of hazardous conditions, she would still drive to work being the woman she was, she has never called out of work unless she was hospitalized. Nyshera previously worked for Walmart in Princeton NJ for a number of years as a Customer Service Representative. Nyshera recently suffered a stroke while working and was transported to the hospital where she went under treatment for approximately two months and she eventually passed away on April 2nd leaving behind her Husband, two sons and family who love her dearly. Nyshera was very well known in the Trenton community for her fried chicken, the percolator dance and for her overall greatness. Nyshera was considered a mother figure to many people and she helped everyone she could when she could. She will definitely be missed. ~Peterson

Peterson-I love you! NyShera was definitely not going out without a crowd of people.???? I have been through a lot as a child and she was there though it all. I was never the shining star in middle or high school, but she set me straight and continued to help making sure I was good. The last thing I tired to get her to do was come to the American Dream Mall. I said to her I was excepted into the Law Enforcement Academy, she was so happy for me. I never knew that would be our last conversation. NyShera would say “Live your best life” So please live your best life.

Editor in Chief of Peterson’s Breaking News of Trenton, founded in 2012.