A group of young organizers joined together to have a peaceful protest inspired by the recent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN.

Emotions were high as various speakers came forward expressing the one unified message that “enough is enough!” Police brutality on any level is wrong and just because someone has a badge and a gun, that does not give them the authority to senselessly kill or mistreat another human being.

The protesters are calling for people to register to vote, to complete the Census and then to exercise their right to vote when it’s time.  Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora made an appearance and stood in solidarity with the group of protesters.  In addition, Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds- Jackson emerged to the forefront commending the protesters on their efforts and encouraging them to continue beyond today to hold elected officials accountable and to rally for what’s right so their voices are heard and concerns are met.

Trenton Artist and Native, Bentrice Jusu spoke out about the need for the truth to be exposed and for true justice to be served. “People need to come from behind being Face Book politicians and start speaking up for real, the work needs to be done and we need people willing to come forward to do it!”

Tyrell Smith, also a Trenton Native, spoke with great passion calling for the leaders to come forward to speak up as well as step up. “Where are the people from my City? I see all of these people here today which is great but where is my City? If you are a leader in this community or want to be elected, you need to be here speaking up!”

Once the speakers finished, the group walked down West State Street chanting slogans of unity and the need for change, they came back to the fountain area near the State Library and concluded the event.

It was a day full of high emotion, a day of self expression and most importantly, a day of Unity.

Thomas Peterson is the Editor in Chief and founder of Peterson’s Breaking News of Trenton. Thomas founded PBT in 2012.