A rally held for Council President Kathy McBride in response to being called an “illiterate crackhead prostitute” by Councilmen Jerell Blakeley quickly turned into an anti-semitic, anti-gay rant by one of the speakers who called Mayor Reed Gusciora, “this white boy Mayor, this little faggot.”

The rally was being held on the steps of City Hall at noon yesterday in a response to Councilman Jerell Blakeley calling McBride an “illiterate crackhead prostitute” after she called him “a disrespectful piece of sh**” on a Corona Virus meeting call last year on April 6th.

The rally began with Cory McBride, a very well spoken and passionate young man, defending his mother, Councilwoman McBride. It then moved in another direction when Devine Allah took the stage and began to go on a 20 minute rant that included racial, homophobic slurs against Mayor Gusciora as well as the Jewish community at large.

“We was here a few months ago when this white boy mayor, this little faggot called our sister, he disrespected our sister… We really have to bring the heat, bring the fire, to any politician.” Allah said.

Some Trenton residents like Stephanie Green Keniebrew, have taken to the defense of McBride saying that Allah’s comments didn’t have anything to do with Allah’s speech. “Kathy didn’t have anything to do with what Allah said. I talked to him. I told him that this platform wasn’t about Tit for Tat and that what he said about the Mayor was just as bad as what Jerrell Blakeley said about Kathy.” Keniebrew posted on Facebook.

Many residents have expressed their continued concerns about the actions of the Council, questioning how much longer the back and forth bickering will continue and when the residents of the city will see quality work from each of the 7 members. Keith Lesslie in a post to Peterson’s wrote, “the whole council in Trenton needs to go. They are terrible.” Tiffany Thomas questioned, “What’s the plan with the killings that’s going on?” Johnny Tito commented, “this is embarrassing for the Council President.” Bonni Rucker commented, “Okay people, engage your brains! She is campaigning! She is talking to her base! She is energizing her base.”

While that may in fact have been the intention, no one is sure of what the press conference was really supposed to accomplish except to show that Councilwoman Kathy McBride may not have learned anything from the sensitivity training she had to take as displayed by her choice in representation yesterday and the offensive and insensitive things said about a number of people that had nothing to do with her and the Councilman’s disagreement. Jeffrey Stockman commented, “oh shoot, this dude is going off, McBride needs to denounce this.” Drippy Splash commented, “he called the Mayor a faggot, with there be backlash? Equality Act, this dude is talking reckless.”

Even prior to the Mayor being elected into office, several members of the clergy spoke out and prayed against the “spirit of homosexuality” and said there was no place in the administration for gay people. Throughout his term as Mayor, others have come forward with homophobic remarks implying that simply because he is an openly gay man, that would render Gusciora ineffective as Mayor. It would appear that is not the case at all, what many feel is hindering the city and the Mayor from moving forward, are the 7 council members that refuse to agree on anything to help the city or the residents do what needs to get done to better the Capital City of Trenton.

In a comment from Latosha Washington it states, “Sad thing is you fight amongst yourselves and we the public are out here struggling. It’s hard out here now and me as a citizen trying their hardest to pay bills and y’all name calling (crying emoji). I need information on my children’s schools and other matters y’all have a blessed day.”

The residents of the city are demanding more, the city is in need of more, will it happen? We have 2-1/2 more years with the current contentious council to find out.

This is a developing story, check back for details.

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