Pennington NJ EMS top volunteer responder dies

Pennington, NJ (Mercer) The Pennington First Aid Squad is in grief over the loss of President Shelley Pennington. Shelley was with the Pennington First Aid Squad for four years but her impact was tremendous. Shelly was a dynamic, enthusiastic, always positive force for improvement in the Squad. She rapidly moved from member to driver, to crew chief, to 2nd Assistant Captain before taking over the most responsible role of President. As she noted, if I can fly jets for the Navy and UPS, I can drive an ambulance. She responded to 1064 calls for service in her short time and was the number 2 or 3 responder for 4 years. She was a driver for numerous improvements to the Pennington First Aid Squad building that made life easier for volunteers. A memorial service will be held for Shelley at the Pennington United Methodist Church tomorrow, Sunday, June 27th, at 530 PM.

11 thoughts on “Pennington NJ EMS top volunteer responder dies

  1. Shelley was a great person. I flew with her at UPS and she was my boss for a few years. Very intelligent, caring person. We’ve lost a great individual. Clear skies and tailwinds to you Captain Pennington. We’ll see you on the other side.

  2. I’m heartbroken. What a great person. Will never forget her kindness to my family. Sometimes things can’t be explained and this is one of those times.

  3. Shelley was truly an extrodinary person. Kind, genrous, driven, intelligent, great cook, and funny fail to even begin to do justice to her. She was a great teammate and a true friend that always rose to the occasion. I will miss her presence in my life but the memories she gave me and the lessons she taught me will remain with me forever.

  4. Shelly was my neighbor in Louisville. She was the best! So kind, reliable, generous, and a great cook and great friend. Her sense of humor was priceless. I will miss knowing that she is still making other people’s lives better.

  5. Shelly Pennington & I checked out @ as TWA B-747 Pilot instructors , she was my simulator partner, she was a excellent pilot, brilliant lady & friendly to all! She was a pleasure to fly with, & A real loss to all who knew her!
    So sorry :
    S.R.” Dusty” West
    Retired TWA Captain 32 years
    & Retired LTC USAF 28 years
    ( Fighters & multiple engine)

  6. I had the privilege of knowing Shelly and sharing a commuter pad in Long Island while working at JFK. I had her as a student pilot on the B-747 when working for TWA. She was by far the smoothest and best student pilot I had ever seen. She flew the 747 simulator as if she had grown up with it. I had tried in vain several times to contact her but sadly it wasn’t to be. She was a sweetheart and will be missed by all who knew and worked with her.
    Denny Kennedy
    TWA retired.

  7. I had the pleasure of working with Shelly at TWA and the honor of calling her my friend.
    Shelly was an FAA designated Check Airman ensuring quality training, standardization and safety. The pillars of a professional commercial airline. She was one of Gods Angels and has returned to the heavens.
    Bob Cramer
    TWA Check Captain

  8. I had the pleasure of flying with Shelly when she was checking out on the M-80. She was a consummate professional and skilled pilot. She always had an upbeat and positive outlook oCheckn all she did, she will be missed.

    John Eddy
    TWA Check Airman

  9. I had the privilege of working with Shelly at the JFK TWA Training on the 747 and was honored to call her a friend.

    She was a master instructor and had many interests outside of aviation. Consider yourself fortunate if Shelly came into your life.

    So sad and a great loss.

    Rick Justman
    TWA Captain & Check Airman

  10. Shelley led the first women’s Military CIOR pentathlon team to victory in 1993 at Quantico, VA. We competed with 3 person teams from all the NATO countries. With her inspiration, positivity, and can do attitude, she led our USA team to victory. I was so honored to have been with her and Marine CPT T. Gibbs on the team. She continued to compete and then coach the team. An amazing military officer and friend. God bless her family and friends.

  11. I had the good fortune of making Ahelkey’s acquaintance as a new hire TWA pilot. Her enthusiasm and encouragement was infectious. Definitely a professional role model. Thanks Shelley fir your encouragement, and tailwinds to you

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