TRENTON, N.J. (PBN) City Violent Crimes Unit Detectives conducted surveillance in the area of Boudinot Street when they observed Papino Lloyd 22 of Trenton in possession of a handgun. They attempted to stop him and he fled, discarding a handgun in the process. He was eventually apprehended and found to be in possession of a Polymer handgun with a high capacity magazine [no serial number] and a distributable amount of CDS Crack-Cocaine. This incident occurred within 1000’ of a school and 500’ of a park. He was later found to be a Certain Person not to possess a handgun/ammunition.

Trenton Police charged Papino Lloyd with


#1:  Unlawful Possession of a Handgun 

#2:  Prohibited Weapons and Devices – High Capacity Magazine 

#3:  Defaced Firearm 

#4:  Certain Persons not to Possess a Handgun 

#5:  Certain Persons not to Possess Ammunition 

#6:  Possession of a Handgun during a CDS Offense 

#7:  Possession of CDS Crack-Cocaine 

#8:  Possession of CDS Crack-Cocaine w/Intent 

#9:  Possession of CDS Crack-Cocaine w/Intent w/in 1000’ of a School 

#10:  Possession of CDS Crack-Cocaine w/Intent w/in 500’ of a Park 

#11:  Obstructing the Administration of Law 

#12: Resisting Arrest

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