December 21, 2022. TRENTON, N.J. (PBN) Last night in a room full of family, friends and supporters, the At-Large candidates: Jasi Edwards, Yazminelly Gonzalez and Crystal Feliciano announced the grand opening of their joint headquarters located at 200 N. Broad Street in Trenton, NJ in preparation for the January 24th run off election.

The large crowd consisted of community leaders and members who are excited about the unification of the Top 3 vote getters in the November 8th election and are looking forward to another victory for the ladies and for Trenton in the upcoming run off. Among those in attendance were Assemblyman Dan Benson; South Ward Councilwoman Elect, Jenna Figueroa Kettenberg; North Ward Council candidates Algernon Ward and Jennifer Williams; Pastor David A. Cox, Calvary Christian Fellowship Ministries; Reverend William Johnson, Change Church; Dr. Diane Campbell and Mrs. Hazel Stewart, two pillars within the Trenton community.

During the event, there were several endorsements given in support of the women and their quest to once again be selected to serve on Council. Ronald McMullen, AFSCME Council 63 announced the endorsement of AFSCME Local 2286 for the ladies; Elvin Montero, Political & Community Leader, announced his full endorsement of the ladies as well as the final endorsement given by Mayor W. Reed Gusciora.

“We want them to get over the finish line on January 24th and we’re going to need your help. The alternative will be more of the same of the last four years, that worked against us,” said Gusciora. “I’m not looking for a rubber stamp, I want people we can collaborate with and find solutions. Remember their ballot order: 1,3, 4, we have to get that message out there. Trenton’s future is in their hands, we should support them because they really have a great and unique message that resonates among the entire community.” “I wholeheartedly endorse these three dynamic women!”

“We are a testament of the change that is coming to Trenton, we are working together, you won’t get the same thing you received the last four years,” said Jasi Edwards. “It speaks volumes that people want change and I think all three of us have the qualities needed to bring about that change to the city,” said Yazminelly Gonzalez. “The three of us come together to work together for the betterment of the city Trenton, we’re here for each and every person in the city and will work to get the job done. It’s 1-3-4, we’re bringing it to you once more: Edwards, Gonzalez & Feliciano for Trenton City Council At – Large!,” said Crystal Feliciano.

The women are encouraging everyone to vote by mail just in case of inclement weather on the day of election. Feliciano states, “This election is too critical for folks to miss, we want everyone’s voice to be heard once again! Please be sure to get out and VOTE!”

Instructions on completing the Mail In Ballot Application

Thomas Peterson is the Editor in Chief and founder of Peterson’s Breaking News of Trenton. Thomas founded PBT in 2012.