Credit: Thomas Peterson / Peterson's Breaking News of Trenton

TRENTON N.J. (PBN)  Trenton Police have successfully apprehended two suspects in connection with the recent burglary at a 7-Eleven store located at 828 N. Olden Ave. The incident, which occurred on April 24, 2024, at approximately 5:00 a.m., resulted in the theft of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, including cigarettes, cigars, lottery tickets, and candy.

The arrested individuals have been identified as Venta Hayes Jr., born on January 28, 1997, and Martin Luther Melvin, born on June 1, 1968. Hayes faces charges of Burglary, Theft, and Criminal Mischief, while Melvin is charged with Burglary and Theft.

Surveillance footage played a crucial role in identifying the suspects. The video captured Hayes breaking the front door window of the closed business and removing several items, followed by Melvin entering the store through the same broken window and taking cigarettes and lottery tickets.

Members of the Trenton Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Bureau worked diligently to identify and locate Hayes and Melvin, leading to warrants for their arrests. Detectives from the Crime Suppression Unit successfully apprehended the suspects.

Venta Hayes Jr
Martin Luther Melvin

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