File picture – NOT the actual vehicle

HAMILTON, N.J.: On Monday, March 16, 2020 at approximately 8:30 p.m. in the area of Sculptors Way and East State Street bear the TRANE Corporation, a 20 year old female driver was stopped by a white male, early to mid 40’s, 5’10”, short close cut hair, medium to average build, no facial hair but a 5 o’clock shadow, no visible tattoos, operating an older model Ford Crown Victoria blue or black in color with tinted windows. The unidentified male stopped the female by either flashing his high beams or utilizing a spotlight. The male approached the victim’s car and was dressed in dark colored pants and shirt with no visible name tag, and an unknown patch/badge on the left breast of his shirt. The male was not wearing an exterior vest, but did have a gun belt on with handcuffs tucked into the rear of his pants, however the victim was unsure if the male had a handgun. The male requested the victims first name, but no other credentials.

Hamilton Police say to follow these tips if you suspect that the vehicle or person stopping you is not an actual police officer:

  • Call 911. Dispatchers can help determine if the person stopping you is a police officer.
  • Follow the dispatcher’s instructions
  • If you choose to stop, stop in a well-lit public area. If you are near a police station, advise the dispatcher and drive there.
  • If not in uniform, ask to see a badge or identification.

Hamilton Police ask anyone with information regarding this incident to contact the Hamilton Police Internal Affairs Unit at 609-581-4098 or the Hamilton Police Crime Tip Hotline at 609-581-4008.