Mother pulls daughter from Robbinsville school after racist graffiti found

Robbinsville, Nj (Mercer) A parent has pulled her child out of a Robbinsville middle school after racial graffiti was found with the child’s name on it.

The mother, Rajeeah Little, posted to Facebook with a live video Thursday Morning stating she was so upset and hurt and heated about what was going on in the Robbinsville school system. Little stated she was called on Feb 22 to the Pond Road Middle School her daughter attends in the 8th grade. She was called and informed that it was graffiti written in the women’s bathroom with her name on it on the bathroom wall stating that she was a N-word and to go pick cotton. Little stated she could not believe that this type of stuff was still going on. Little stated she saw a lot of graffiti stating “to take her black ass home.” Little stated while at work today, she received a call from the police that another bathroom was tagged with graffiti that her daughter is an N-word a slave, and she needed to go where she came from school officials locked the bathroom so Little could not see it. Police stated that the child was OK to attend school, but Litte pulled her daughter from the school until the situation is handled. Little says her daughter is very upset about this. Robbinsville Police stated they are investigating this incident and could not comment on it.

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