Trenton, N.J. (PBN): At Noon Monday September 11th , the Trenton Police Department was notified that the Trenton School board received an Untraceable email threat, which caused all Trenton schools to shelter in place/lockdown. The police department took all necessary precautions. FBI was notified to track down where the threat originated. The particular email threat was received by school boards/officials throughout the state and was believed to be a nationwide swatting event. Police stated 

The district released students on schedule in a modified way. Bus-riding students were held in the building until their bus arrived.

Car riders were asked to remain in the building until their ride has arrived at the front of the school or designated pick-up location.

Trenton Police , school security, and administrators were present at dismissal for those walking home.

Editor in Chief of Peterson’s Breaking News of Trenton, founded in 2012.