TRENTON, N.J. (PBN) Trenton’s Dynamic Duo: Passionate Teens Pursuing Emergency Services and News Reporting In the bustling streets of Trenton, New Jersey, two remarkable teenagers are igniting a fire of passion for emergency services and news reporting reminiscent of Thomas Peterson’s early days as a teenage journalist on a bike.

Meet Phoenix Rice and Kyle Charles, whose dedication and enthusiasm are reshaping perceptions and inspiring their community. Phoenix Rice: A Budding Journalist with a Heart for Service At just 16 years old, Phoenix Rice embodies the spirit of a true journalist and aspiring first responder. Born and raised in the City of Trenton, Phoenix found his inspiration in Peterson’s Breaking News and the First Responders he encountered daily. Armed with a camera and a thirst for knowledge, Phoenix began recording the heroic efforts of First Responders, capturing the pulse of his city while pedaling around on his bike. “I started recording First Responders from the inspiration of Peterson Breaking News,” Phoenix shares, highlighting the impact of Thomas Peterson’s work on his journey. With a clear vision for his future, Phoenix intends to transition from documenting events to actively participating in them. “When I’m old enough, I will become a firefighter or a law enforcement officer,” he declares, embodying a sense of duty and service that is rare and admirable at his age.

Kyle Charles: Fostering Change Through Reporting and Service Joining Phoenix in his passion is 17-year-old Kyle Charles, a transplant from Florida who found his calling in the City of Trenton. Like Phoenix, Kyle was drawn to the world of news reporting and emergency services through Peterson’s Breaking News. His desire to contribute to Peterson’s mission led him to contemplate creating a news channel to further amplify important stories in collaboration with Peterson’s platform. Beyond his aspirations in journalism, Kyle’s heart beats for serving his community directly. “I like how they save lives out here, and I want to help out when I get older,” he expresses, showcasing a deep sense of empathy and responsibility. Currently serving as a volunteer firefighter at Prospect Heights Fire Department in Ewing Township, Kyle is actively pursuing his dream of becoming a firefighter in Trenton. He plans to undergo firefighter one training at the Mercer County Fire Academy, a testament to his commitment to public safety. Reflecting on his journey, Kyle acknowledges the pivotal role Thomas Peterson played in shaping his aspirations. “Thomas Peterson made me want to do news about the City of Trenton, and he is a good person to let me start young,” Kyle acknowledges, recognizing the mentorship and guidance he received from Peterson. A Collaborative Journey: Ride-Alongs and Firehouse Bonding Phoenix and Kyle’s passion extends beyond mere words and aspirations. 

They actively engage with the emergency services community, frequently conducting ride-along with firefighters and immersing themselves in the positive atmosphere of local firehouses. These experiences not only deepen their understanding of the field but also foster connections and camaraderie with those they aspire to join in the future. Their journey serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, challenging stereotypes and showcasing the potential of youth to drive positive change. As Phoenix and Kyle continue on their path, guided by their passion and fueled by their dreams, they exemplify the resilience and determination that define Trenton’s spirit.

Thomas Peterson is the Editor in Chief and founder of Peterson’s Breaking News of Trenton. Thomas founded PBT in 2012.