Two Trenton Teenagers Love for News And Emergency Services

TRENTON, N.J. (PBN) Two Trenton teenagers inspired with love for emergency services with the same passion as Thomas Peterson was when he was just a teenager on a bike pedaling around from car crashes to shootings to house fires. The passion the teens shared with me was phenomenal and reminded me of when I was just their age. You don’t come across individuals in Trenton wanting to do news or more than care for emergency services unless you need them at that moment. Please meet the dynamic duo.

Phoenix Rice, is a 16-year-old born and raised in the City Of Trenton. Phoenix started recording First Responders from the inspiration of Peterson Breaking News and was also around many First Responders at the time. Phoenix was a local journalist recording the First Responders while on his bike. Phoenix says When he’s old enough, he will become a firefighter or a law enforcement officer.

Kyle Charles is a 17-year-old born in Florida and raised in the City Of Trenton. Kyle started recording First Responders while thinking about creating a news channel to help with Peterson’s breaking news. Kyle also wants to be a cop or a firefighter in the city of Trenton. Kyle says, “I like how they save lives out here, and I want to help out when I get older.” Kyle is also a volunteer firefighter in Ewing Township at station 31 for Prospect Heights Fire Department, looking to attend firefighter one training at the Mercer County Fire Academy. Kyle is also a senior in high school. “Thomas peterson made me wanna do news about the city of Trenton, and he is a good person to let me start young. Phoenix is one of my old friends that made me wanna become a firefighter in Trenton, and I remember me and I were playing cops and robbers; that’s how we started thinking about law enforcement”.

Phoenix and Kyle frequently stop at each firehouse during the week and conduct ride-a-longs with the firefighters or, instead, hang out in the positive atmosphere of the firefighters.

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