File Photo 2014
File Photo 2014 Credit: Thomas Peterson / Peterson's Breaking news of Trenton 2014
Dhani Mobley,20
Credit: Trenton Police / Trenton Police Department

TRENTON, N.J. (PBN)  On April 11, 2024, a series of events unfolded in Trenton that captured the attention of both law enforcement and the public. It began with a report of a stolen Honda Civic during a carjacking in Falls Township earlier that day. This incident triggered an alert in the Real-Time Crime Center, where a Trenton Police detective promptly broadcasted information about the stolen vehicle. The key breakthrough came when an Automated License Plate Reader indicated the possible presence of the stolen Honda Civic in Trenton. Acting on this lead, Trenton Police Officer Domingo Perez spotted the vehicle in the Donnelly Homes Housing Project. He approached the vehicle and found two occupants inside. Upon closer inspection, Officer Perez identified Dhani Mobley as one of the occupants. However, the situation escalated when the juvenile female driver, who was also in the car, decided to flee on foot upon seeing the police. Quick to respond, Officer Jovanni Romero engaged in a pursuit to apprehend the juvenile female. Despite her attempts to evade capture, Officer Romero successfully caught up with her and took her into custody.

In the aftermath of these events, charges were laid against the apprehended individuals. The juvenile female offender 15 years of age faced charges of Receiving Stolen Property (Motor Vehicle), Obstructing the Administration of Law, and Resisting by Flight, highlighting the gravity of the situation. Dhani Mobley 20 years of age, too, faced legal consequences, charged with Receiving Stolen Property (Motor Vehicle).

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